Best Weed Control In Lawns




I have mentioned in an earlier topic that the use of lawn chemicals or any chemicals should be your last option. A good healthy lawn that is fertilized, cut and generally well maintained would be the best weed control for lawns. Ok, none of us live in a perfect garden world so at different times all of us will have to deal with some variety of weeds. Continue reading

How To Grow A Bermuda Lawn

Sprigging and Growing Bermuda Lawn

scarifying lawn1


With establishing and taking care Bermuda grass you have different options on the way you can go about growing bermuda lawn. In recent years quite a number of lawns are being established by seed. Depending on the size of your lawn, in medium to larger areas, establishing your lawn by sprigging  could be the most cost effective way to go. Over many years sprigging lawns has been the only method of establishment. Continue reading

Taking Care Bermuda Grass

scarify6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             You have always had a nice front lawn and for some reason in recent years it is starting to look at bit tired and doesn’t have the great appearance it use to have. You consider you have done everything in with caring Bermuda grass but does not seem to respond. Most likely what is needed in relation with a good Bermuda lawn care schedule is a good renovation. Continue reading

Best Way Mow Lawn

striped lawn 




For lawn lovers cutting your lawn to keep it looking at it’s best is at least a weekly job particularly in full growing season. For some owners it’s something that has to be done, while other’s like to have their’s the best, as it is rewarding, and to bring that out  it is always better to make a professional job of mowing it. Continue reading

Lawn Landscape Tips

Front Lawn Landscaping Ideas imagesRDC1ZWVI

When setting out to plan or alter your front lawn landscape designs, you need to have a clear vision of how to create the end result that you think you would like..   A lot of times the lawn layout covers the largest part of the area, so you need to think about what shape you would like, and if Continue reading

Lawn Care Safety Tips

Lawn Safety Tips imagesOJ6O4KPK

Probably most home owners go out working with garden equipment and do not consider or treat any safety issues at all. The figures show approx. 250000 people per year are treated for injuries from all types of garden and power equipment. Some are serious and some are not,  but the point is, many are preventable if safety is taken into consideration in your gardening program. Continue reading

Review On Scotts Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Edge Guard Mini Broadcast Spreader scotts-turf-builder-feed-your-lawn-large-1

Having your lawn looking great is satisfaction and reward for your effort. and scotts turf builder edge guard spreader is designed to help you keep it that way with a minimum of effort. For all your spreading applications, weather it’s seeding or fertilizing, this spreader will give you an even coverage and your lawn will benefit from that and show this in appearance. Continue reading

Review On Best Home Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean 390 SS Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer 71mz3aBB5VL._SL1500_

The convenience of have your own top rated pressure washer would not be appreciated until you have used it and realising how easy this work is now. The amount of cleaning jobs that just get left because of too much effort required, well we all understand and know this. With this product, once we set things up and going, all we have to do is hold the hand piece to get a fresh clean result like never before, and with the different nozzles can be used on all surfaces. Continue reading